Demo 2 (The Sequel)

by Kylan Hillman

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released August 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Kylan Hillman New Jersey

Kylan Hillman is a singer-songwriter from Hopewell New Jersey. Kylan Hillman fuses a wide range of influences, from Neutral Milk Hotel to Passion Pit and even Cloud Nothings, with passion and powerful songwriting creating infectious tunes that won't leave the listeners head for days. ... more

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Track Name: I'll Be Alright
You innocent protrusion, stop running your mouth for once
Honestly, I could keep on living without you
You're not a must
You think you've got the metal to take the whole world on your back?
In a little while you'll find the pressure that you lack

I'm Alright
Even when the universe has it out for me, I'll be just fine
The world is cold, we've lost all hope
Even at the bleakest hour of the passing night, I'll be just fine

You skipped the schooling that you needed to stay alive
The world's not a place for you or any of your kind
So stick with me my darling
Hold on tight and close your eyes
You long for knowledge I can give, I'll be your guide

I'm alright
Even when the universe has it out for me, I'll be just fine
The earth is bland, a ball of sand
Even when it seems the world's got nothing to give, I'll be just fine

So hold on my savior
is this the mess I gave her?
Now I see a new horizon
No more speaking self-proclaimed lies

I'm alright
Even when the universe has out for me, I'll be just fine
I'm not a sage
Not of the age
But a lesson that I've learned from countless encounters: I'll be fine
Track Name: Alone
Maybe I can't be alone
My heart won't turn to stone
This dropping feeling won't leave my chest
Maybe I'm not so abstract
Things happen, I react
I need someone to share themselves
Maybe love's not the game for me, but I'm tired of waiting for someone to save me
If someone doesn't reach out soon, then I don't know what I'll do
I'll probably sit and wait some more

Do you feel like a phantom?
Nobody notices you or how hard you try
Do you feel like your pushed to say things they want to then disappear?
It's all in a days work

Maybe I can't be alone
My heart won't turn to stone
This dropping feeling won't leave my chest
Maybe I'm a waste of space
I got used to the taste of being needed everyday
Maybe I'm not supposed to cry
I should carry on like I never had sorrow
If I told you all about and let my feelings out, I'd still have nobody on my side

Do you act like you've got something to prove to those that would call you weak?
Do you feel like a horse on a racetrack?
Giving your all for little reward?
It's all in a days work
I know it's gotta hurt

Maybe I can't be alone
My heart won't turn to stone
This dropping feeling won't leave my chest
Maybe life's just but a dream
While I don't know what that means, it's something I often think about
Maybe I wouldn't be so distressed if this meant something to me
It does but it's not enough
If someone doesn't reach out soon, then I don't know what I'll do
I'll probably sit and wait some more
Track Name: Lone Wolf
Every time I ask people to hangout, I remember why I don't ask people to hangout anymore
Every time you look at me, I look at you looking at me
There's nothing left for me round here anymore is there?

I better look out for myself cause I know I can't ask for help
Cause people don't believe in charity anymore
Start a life outside my home
Start a career on my own cause it's impossible for friends to back me up
Be a lone wolf

Every new beginning would start off better at the ending, but that would be to easy wouldn't it?
I tried to love, I tried to care but got run over with despair
These people really suck the life out of me
They do

And it's nothing to cry about because my tears have all run out
Too bad sympathy and compassion couldn't join
I'm locked in combat with myself, writing poetry to kill the little people that all live inside my head
They're not all dead

And I'm grabbing at the words
Describe the rage that really hurts my inner foundation and sense of what I'll do
There's still so many songs to write, jobs to work and sleepless nights
I'd rather do this till my last breath if I can
It's in the plan
Maybe I should be a lone wolf
Track Name: I Came Back
I'm filling up on this banquet that you left for me
I'm filling up on it
I'm living down all the criticism you gave me
I'm living down all that
I'm having to stick myself with needles just to escape
I'm having to do that

But I'm not running from you anymore
I'm not running no more
I've got the wit to put you in your place
I've got the wit

I am surprised
Some people don't come till you give em some
You are the first
I know it's been awhile since we've stood face to face again
I am ready
Cause you know I've stumbled, been left stranded with no hope of coming back... but I came back anyway

I'm leaving you with this horrid taste inside of your mouth
I'm leaving you with that
I'm telling you, "give me twenty days, I'll be a rock star"
I'm telling you I am

I'm not bragging
I'm being honest
I'm not bragging to you
I'm so sick of being lied to
I'm so sick of lies and you
Track Name: I Don't Know
Everything that woman says, god I know that it's coming
After all the time I've spent, this feeling I'm facing leaves me paralyzed until the well runs dry

I don't know who you are
ya better lose that smile and drive as far as you know you can
Go run off with them
I hope you have a happy life and a long-term plan to stay straight

It's just a passing phase
But it's not, cause I'm scared
I'm a mess without you and totally unprepared to stay the course
It's a lie
It's a joke
Nothing that I feel makes sense to me anymore
I don't know what to do
Wish I was still there with you

All alone, I sit and drone with the art that escapes me
It shines a light into my eyes, then leaves and betrays me
Some heaven from above
All that I need is love

I don't know what I want
It seems that nothing makes me happy cause I've no attention span
I'm still learning to trust the people in my life, the powers that give me all of my strength

Wish I could celebrate, but I can't cause I'm chained
I'm a criminal and clinically insane to your blank eyes
It's a lie
It's a joke
Everyone around me's waiting for me to choke on my own substance, my personalized penance

Locked in my room, suffocating fumes
If someone said, "you'd rather be dead?", I'd have to let you down

But I can't
I'm afraid
I can't leave this all and I've always been amazed by what you've done
Generalize, compromise
No matter how you slice it I can't break from the ties of who I am
It's time to be a man